The lion king was emaciated, starving to death because the herd abandoned him and fortunately met a good man to feed him.

Skinny lion in front of the camera lens by photographer Larry Anthony Pannell.

According to the Daily Mail, the lion was chased away by the herd, no longer protected and received food as before.

Lion named Skybed Scar, once a famous king of the jungle in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

The emotional photos were captured by photographer Larry Anthony Pannell, 64 years old.

The lion had difficulty walking and often had to stop to rest.

“I caught him drinking water with difficulty.

Larry described how every few steps, the lion had to stop as if to take a breath.

“These are probably its last days, even its last hours on Earth,” said the photographer from the US.

Even an elephant now frightens the king of the jungle.

Realizing the lion was no longer a threat, Larry and his companions approached, only about a meter away from it.

“We saw the lion lying on the grass, exhausted and unable to get up.

“A few minutes later, its breathing slowed and finally stopped.

Larry said he recalled being at the hospital where his grandmother took her last breath one evening.

The lion lies on the grass, taking his last breath in the presence of the American photographer.

Lions are the only creatures in the Cat family that live in groups like family.

Males that are forced to leave the herd are often lost in a decisive battle with another male.

The losers gradually had to get used to living independently, hunting by themselves until they were exhausted from old age.

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