pp.Baboon is not afraid Bravely confronts the Giant Crocodile to save her baby being swallowed by the crocodile.

A group of enraged baboons fought heroically to save their fellow primates from a crocodile in a chaotic and dramatic situation.

The heart attack occurred on the riverbank in a dense jungle, where baboons were foraging for food. An enormous crocodile abruptly emerged from the water and grasped one of the baboons with its formidable teeth.


The remaining baboons did not, however, remain passive. They attacked the crocodile with coordinated ferocity, gouging and biting at its scaled skin.

The unexpected attack compelled the crocodile to abandon its prey and retreat into the water.


However, the conflict between primates was not yet over. They continued to hurl gravel and poles at the crocodile in an attempt to prevent it from entering their territory.

During this time, the injured baboon’s companions quickly groomed and comforted him.


The extraordinary valor and devotion displayed by these primates is evidence of the strength of their social bonds and their determination to protect their offspring.

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