On the Prowl: Hair-raising Moment as Motorcyclist Crosses Paths with a Free-roaming Tiger

The 250 kg tiger crossed the road and the unexpected reaction of the motorcyclist - Photo 1.

A 250 kg tiger in the Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve, India. Photo: Caters News Agency

The Daily Mail last week reported that a large tiger was photographed by photographer Bhargava Srivari, 29, crossing the road at Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve – home to 80 wild tigers, in Chandrapur district, Maharashtra state. India.

A few steps away from the tiger is a couple riding a motorbike. Far behind them, another man was also riding a motorbike. What surprised many people viewing the photos was that they didn’t run away or panic when they saw the big tiger in front of them.

According to photographer Srivari, tigers in the Tadoba Andhari reserve often avoid contact with humans.

The tiger crosses the road without attacking people, even if only a few meters away from them. Photo: Caters News Agency

“I know that the tiger will avoid direct confrontation with humans or at least avoid being seen when it crosses the road. But this time is different. When it crossed the road, there was a couple on a motorbike, a few steps away.

The tiger must have been equally surprised by the presence of a human, but it only looked back and crossed the road. It was not intended to attack the couple.

Facing a wild beast weighing 250 kg, which can kill people, with a calm demeanor is not easy. So these motorcyclists are really welcome as they stop, patiently waiting for the tiger to cross the road.”

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