Surprisingly shocking clip: Cobra “lays eggs” with its mouth. Is this the only snake that lays eggs with its mouth in the world?

Witnessing the scene of the cobra squirming and vomiting 6 eggs, many people were surprised.

In the clip, a cobra is “laying eggs” in broad daylight. Strangely, this cobra “lays” eggs through its mouth. After a while of writhing, the eggs fell out of the snake’s mouth one by one.

In fact, this is not the process of giving birth to cobras because their behavior is similar to most other snakes. The continuous vomiting up to 6 eggs is the result of the gluttony of this species, specifically the cobra in the clip.

Normally, they will swallow a few fruits and use their own body to crush and absorb the nutrients inside and then vomit the eggshell out because the stomach cannot digest it. However, due to swallowing too many eggs at once, the cobra couldn’t stand it and had to vomit.

Even so, the snake still retains in its body at least one egg to keep the body full for a short time.

The reason cobras can swallow eggs larger than their heads is due to the extremely flexible structure of the jaw muscles, which allows them to eat prey many times larger in size.

The king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) is the longest venomous snake in the world, adults can reach more than 5.5 m. This species is distributed mainly in India, southern China and Southeast Asia. Their venom contains large amounts of neurotoxins, which can be deadly after a single bite.

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