5 Fortunes found in GOLD and Relics (video)

Ginho da Selva is a Brazilian explorer and treasure hunter who has made some incredible finds over the years. In this video, we’ll be taking a look at five of his most impressive discoveries, including gold, cash, and ancient artifacts. Join us as we explore the stories behind these incredible finds, and learn more about Ginho’s intrepid adventures in the wilds of Brazil. Whether you’re a fan of history, adventure, or just a good story, there’s something here for everyone. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of Ginho da Selva!


Ginho’s first discovery came in the form of a lost city of gold deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. The city, which had been abandoned for centuries, was filled with precious metals, gemstones, and other treasures. Ginho spent years navigating through dense jungle and treacherous terrain to finally reach the city, and his efforts were more than rewarded. Among the haul were intricate gold jewelry, precious stones, and rare artifacts from ancient civilizations. This find put Ginho on the map as a top treasure hunter in Brazil, and he’s been chasing big discoveries ever since.


Ginho’s next major discovery was an underground treasure trove hidden away by the legendary Bandeirantes, Brazilian explorers who roamed the countryside during the 18th century. Ginho had been researching the Bandeirantes for years, and finally stumbled upon a map that led him to a hidden cave system. Inside, he found chests filled with gold coins, jewelry, and rare artifacts from the colonial era. The treasure was valued at millions of dollars, and it’s rumored that there is even more to be found in the surrounding area. To this day, Ginho continues to search for more of the Bandeirantes’ lost treasures, hoping to unravel the mysteries of Brazil’s past.

Ginho’s third discovery was a lost temple deep in the jungles of Peru. Legend had it that the temple was dedicated to the Incan Sun God, and was filled with priceless treasures. Ginho spent years traveling through the Andes Mountains, facing harsh weather and treacherous terrain, until finally stumbling upon the temple. Inside, he found statues made of solid gold, ancient artifacts, and other precious objects. The temple was a testament to the power and wealth of the Incan civilization, and Ginho’s discovery shed new light on their history and culture. Today, the temple is a protected archaeological site, and Ginho’s discovery is remembered as one of the greatest in Peruvian history.


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